Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Why us

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Most parents with children between the ages of 7 and 11 worry about secondary school admissions. And most parents also consider sitting their child for their local grammar school entrance exams. Some also consider taking the ten plus or eleven plus route to their local independent schools. And some do both. But a common issue they all have is their child’s lack of or weaker writing skills….

Having a private tutor itself is not at times the solution as the lessons may only be one or two hours per week. On an average, English tutors charge anywhere between £20 and £50 per hour. An increase in the number of weekly lessons is unaffordable for most. Parents are then left wondering what they can do further at home to help their child.

Can you remember the last time your child’s school returned a writing task done at school or home with such degree of evaluation and feedback? Children thrive on praise. But also get confused and upset when their parents or teachers say they are ‘not good’ at writing. This often leads them to avoiding a writing task or refusing to do it.

And then, once the entrance exams are over, you are left with a void. How do you fill that gap between the 11 plus exams and the SATS exams? And what about after the SATS? Most parents will agree that not much happens in terms of progress in schools after the Year 6 SATS exams. So, how do you ensure your child’s writing skills don’t fade away by the time they start secondary school?

We are hoping that Learn2write will provide the perfect solution to these age old problems!

This unique service will give your child: structured guidance on how to write each task, writing topics and personalised feedback on each task. Through our guided learning process, genre by genre, they learn what to write and how to write. Each task will be corrected and given a grade along with personalised feedback and guidance on how to improve. A good reader is a good writer, so we also hope to improve your child’s interest in reading through this process. For this, we have also prepared a Reading List for your child specifically to aid in the eleven plus preparation. Ability to write under timed conditions is a vital criteria for any entrance exam. All the tasks therefore comes with a guidance on how much time is allowed and how much to write. We believe practice makes perfect. Any English teacher will tell you that language cannot be mastered with a press of a button. Using pre-prepared ‘stock’ essays or stories is, we believe, a wrong approach. What is needed is a structured, guided approach with enough room for each child to develop their own, unique writing style. We also hope our constructive feedback with precise information on how to improve will be welcomed by both parents and children, especially as this is not provided consistently by all primary schools.

Our approach will be to help your child understand how to improve every time.

Our aim is to make your child a confident and happy writer.

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Who are we

Our evaluators are a team of qualified and experienced English Teachers or Professors. They currently teach in Secondary schools or Universities. The genres and guidance have been prepared by top 11 plus tutors with consistent success over several years.