• Is your child struggling with Creative Writing and Comprehension?
  • Are you worried that Creative Writing could be the reason that your child does not succeed in the 11+ exams?

At learn2write we are a team of qualified and experienced English Teachers and Professors who provide structured guidance on how to tackle each writing task, under time constraints. We follow that up with personalised evaluation, feedback and grading on each task.

See how learn2write can help and benefit your child:

  • Personalised evaluation, feedback and grading
  • Special focus on 11+ creative writing
  • Specific guidance for each writing task
  • Curriculum developed by expert teachers
  • All genres covered
  • Save time and money from expensive tuitions
  • Confident and happy writers

Don't leave your child’s Creative Writing and Comprehension to chance.

This could mean a lifetime of missed opportunities of good education.

Sign-up for a free assessment now:

  • We email a writing guidance along with an assignment.
  • Your child will read the guidance and attempt the assignment.
  • You can take a picture of your child’s assignment and just email us.
  • We will respond within 48 hours with detailed, feedback, evaluation and grading. It’s completely free !