Year 3 Creative Writing

Year 3 Guided Writing

Year 3 Guided Writing

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Service Description

The Year 3 Guided Writing Service is specially designed to encourage creativity and interest in writing. Our aim is to down any barriers that may be stopping them from wanting to write at such an early age. To some children, creativity comes easily verbally but they struggle to put their ideas into words. This is exactly what this service will help with. Although we don’t tell them precisely what to write, our prompts will get them started quicker. By the second or third month, we hope to transform a reluctant writer to one who relishes writing and has to be told to stop!


Each genre and subgenre comes with a comprehensive guidance which will tell your child everything they need to know about writing an assignment in that particular genre. Every week one assignment along with specific guidance on how to complete will be emailed to you. Upon receipt of the completed assignment, a personalised feedback and grading are provided.


Here’s what is included in the Year 3 Guided Learning Service:

  1. Story Writing - 12  weeks


This module takes the student through the various types of story writing. This module starts with easier types of story writing like where the title is given to much more challenging types where you have to write a story from the point of view of an object. Guidance is given to improve your child's imagination for each story and advice on what to include and what not to.  

Here are some of the specific types of stories covered in the module:

  1. Story with given Titles
  2. Story with given Openers
  3. Story with given Endings
  4. Story where Ingredients are given
  5. Story based on a Picture
  6. Story from the Point of view of an object
  1. Diary Writing - 12  weeks

This module covers various types of diary writing. The module will start with the easier experience based diary writing and move on to the diary entry of an object, animal, bird or another character.

Here are some of the specific types of diary writing covered in the module:

  1. Diary entry after an experience
  2. Diary entry of a person
  3. Diary entry of an animal or bird
  4. Diary entry of an object
  5. Diary entry of a character from a story, book or film


  1. Recount Writing  - 6 weeks

This module takes the student through recount writing. The guidance includes planning notes on how to structure the recount and what language to use.

Here are some of the specific types of recount writing covered in the module:


  1. Recount of an Experience
  2. Recount of a memorable day
  3. Recount of overcoming a fear
  4. Recount of a trip


  1. Descriptive Writing - 8 weeks

This module takes the student through the various types of descriptive writing and offers comprehensive guidance on how to plan, write and review a descriptive writing task.

This module covers:


  1. Description of a Place
  2. Description of an Animal or Bird
  3. Description of an Object
  4. Description of a Person


  1. Writing based on a given Piece of Text - 5 weeks

This module takes the student through the different genres of writing when a passage is given. The passages and genre specific guidance is also given for each task.

This module covers:


  1. Continuing a story from a passage


  1. Diary entries based on a passage

* Exemplar write-ups:

As part of this service exemplar (model) write-ups from other students will be shared when feedback is provided, where these are available.

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