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  • Our programme provides personalised evaluation, feedback, and grading for each writing task to ensure your child's progress.

  • With a special focus on 11+ creative writing, we offer specific guidance for each task that is tailored to your child's needs.

  • Our expert teachers have developed a comprehensive curriculum that covers all genres, helping your child save time and money by avoiding expensive tuition while becoming confident and happy writers.

  • We respect your privacy. Your information is 100% safe with us.

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    What People Are Saying About This Training

    ''Absolutely fabulous service! Very thorough, and fast responding with excellent content. The assignments are fun and engaging. And the guidance is simple, clear and very useful! But the star of it all is the feedback. Again, it’s quick and very helpful. One can clearly see what improvements can be made.''

    Marija Sajic

    ''Sometimes this is tough for us parents - but the support and turnaround is fabulous from these guys! If you need help on writing, which all kids do, then these guys are the ticket! Much love x''

    Ritesh Shah

    ''This service is not only for children they can help other people as well Very helpful staff if ur stuck on how to write what to write don’t go anywhere just contact learn 2 write team definitely they will help. They helped me a lot nobody else could do it but they did. Thank u very much, learn2 write team. I appreciate it. Thanx again god bless u all.''

    Aman Heer

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    Why Us?

    Parents often worry about their children's secondary school admissions and consider local grammar school entrance exams or the ten plus or eleven plus route to independent schools. Writing skills are often a common concern, and private tutoring may not be a feasible solution due to cost and limited lesson time. Learn2write provides a unique service that offers structured guidance, personalized feedback, and grading on each writing task to improve writing skills and confidence. Our guided learning process covers all genres and includes a reading list to aid in eleven plus preparation, ensuring that your child becomes a confident and happy writer.

    Our aim is to make your child a confident and happy writer.

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