Pack Of Comprehension#2

Pack of 5 Comprehensions # 2

Pack of 5 Comprehensions # 2

Service Description

The Learn2write team have used their expertise to create challenging, high quality and diverse comprehension papers to help your child pass their 11 plus entrance exams. Each pack has 5 papers with passages classic and contemporary literature. A poetry- based paper is also included in each pack. You will find questions ranging in marks from 1 to 5. While some require answers in one or two sentences, others require detailed analytical skills. There are also questions that test knowledge of grammatical terminology, literary devices and vocabulary. Detailed sample solutions are provided for each question. Maximum marks is 25 and time allowed is 30 minutes per paper. These papers have been written specifically for those who are preparing for the grammar and independent school entrance exams.

Payment Instruction

This is one-time, non-refundable fee.