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The entrance exams to many Grammar Schools and all independent schools comprise of a written, standard type comprehension paper. The Reading Test is also a key element of the Year 6 SATS exams. The ability to read, comprehend, analyse and explain in detail is vital to attaining good grades in not only English, but every subject at school. The revised Key Stage 2 syllabus and GCSE syllabus places a lot of emphasis on detailed answers and the child’s ability to explain answers. Good comprehension skills will also inevitably help your child’s writing skills. After all, a good writer is also a good reader.

Have a look at our comprehension evaluation services below. We will refund your money in full within the first month, if you're not happy with us. You can cancel any time, we will not tie you down to a contract!

Your child will need to complete the paper using a pen. Then upload clear photos of the completed work. We will evaluate and provide very detailed feedback within 48 hours. Our detailed feedback will explain your child’s mistakes and give tips on how to improve the next time. We will provide personally-tailored advice and track your child’s progress.

  • Learn2write Pro
  1. You will receive one 11+ standard style comprehension paper published by a grammar or independent school every week
  2. Writing task is not included
  3. Evaluation and detailed feedback provided in 48 hours
  4. Cost is £24.99 per month


£ 24.99 per month

Payment Instruction

This is a monthly subscription service and it can be cancelled for any future due subscription costs. The payment already made is non-refundable. Only if subscription is cancelled in the first month, we will refund your money.