Ad hoc 48 hour Writing Feedback

Ad hoc 48 hour Writing Feedback

Service Description

This unique service is designed to provide evaluation and feedback on any writing task that your child may have completed. It can be of any genre and up to 3 pages long. You may have got a writing task from a practice paper, school or come up with the topic yourself. Has your child completed a writing task and you would like to get it evaluated and receive feedback? No problem! All you have to do is provide us with a legible photo of the writing task along with the question. We will evaluate it and provide feedback for you within 48 working hours.


Our evaluation and feedback will not just mark the mistakes but also tell your child where and how they could have improved. So for example, we won’t just say add similes or improve punctuation. We will tell them where, how and what similes could have been added; where, how and what punctuation could have been used. This is what your child needs to improve and this is what we promise to do.

We appreciate the effort it takes for them to do weekly writing assignments, especially when they rather be doing something else! So their writing is graded from a minimum of 3 stars to a maximum of 5, thus giving your child a sense of achievement.

£ 6.99

Payment Instruction

This is a one-time non-refundable fee.