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13+ Guided Writing

13+ Guided Writing

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Service Description

13+ Guided Writing Service is suitable for children currently in Year 6 to Year 8. We tailor the course to your child’s needs and abilities. The usual route is to start with 11+ comprehension and writing tasks. We then increase the difficulty levels and introduce your child to poetry and various types of prose.


Our course will help your child with written responses to a range of questions that test their understanding of poetry, prose and their powers of analysis and evaluation.


We cover poetic terminology and literary techniques. We will also make sure your child gets support with their grammar, syntax and punctuation. 


Some of our writing tasks are aimed to write with a specific purpose: to argue, persuade, explain, advise or inform. Others are descriptive or narrative by nature.


Whether your child is trying for a 13+ scholarship into an independent school or for a space into a coveted Grammar School in Year 9, the tough English papers will be generally designed to provoke more sophisticated answers and will require closer textual analysis and more imaginative responses. This can be achieved only through consistent practice and detailed, constructive feedback.


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This is a monthly subscription service and it can be cancelled for any future due subscription costs. The payment already made is non-refundable.