11+ CSSE Creative Writing Pack

11+ CSSE Creative Writing Pack

Service Description

This writing pack is targeted for students seeking 11+ entry in the CSSE. This pack takes the student through various different types of writing including descriptive, persuasive, and instruction based writing. These tests will have two writing topics where the children are expected to write concisely and clearly in no more than six or seven sentences..


This pack covers:


  1. Descriptive writing
  2. Persuasive writing
  3. Instruction based writing


What is included in this pack?


1. Comprehensive guidances (written notes)

One guidance for each descriptive and persuasive writing is provided to offer comprehensive help with planning, language, length, and avoiding common mistakes.

2. 9 different assignments (writing tasks)

Two writing tasks for a assignments on descriptive, persuasive, and instruction based writing.

3. Evaluation and Feedback Service for all nine assignments

Upon receipt of the payment, you will be emailed the entire writing pack in one go. You then decide the pace at which the completed assignments are returned to us. You can return all at once or separately, as and when they are completed. Within 48 working hours of receipt of each completed assignment, we will evaluate and return it to you with detailed feedback and grading.

Payment Instruction

This is one-time, non-refundable fee.