11+ Creative Writing Crash Course

£49.99 per month

Service Duration

2 months (cancel at any time)

Service Description

11+ Creative Writing Service is specially designed for children who will be taking the 11+ exams in 2020. Here are some specifics about this:

  1. This course is developed by our 11+ expert English teacher.
  2. Personalised one-to-one guidance, evaluation, feedback and grading.
  3. All key writing genres covered e.g. Descriptive, Letter writing, Report writing, Recount writing, Newspaper report etc.
  4. Two Assignments per week.
  5. Writing tasks tailored to various exam boards or region e.g. Sutton, Bromley, CSSE, Kent etc.
  6. Students gain confidence to tackle any writing task.

Payment Instruction

This is a monthly subscription service and it can be cancelled for any future due subscription costs. The payment already made is non-refundable. 

£49.99 per month