Remarkable Sketches: Volume 10

Local residents raising funds to save their library! The venture is not only extraordinary, but deserves to be told in an unparalleled manner. 

The write-up below by a Year 5 student showcases her talent right at the outset with an intriguing title. The introductory paragraph discloses what has been the source of the entire funds-raising drive. This following middle paragraph establishes the background to the closure and reopening of the library. Each of the rescue endeavours are mentioned systematically; while, the write-up throughout is studded with realistic instances of direct speech. Finally, the happy culmination talks about the consequences of the library being saved for the fortunate saviours.


Remarkable Sketches: Volume 9

It is natural for a kid to set a store by his beloved toy received from mom, dad, grandparents or a buddy. However, the write-up below really stands out due to the child's genuine expressions of what he feels about his special present and how he experiences it.
From the perspective of a review, it is well framed covering descriptions of the packaging, all the components, batteries, material, design and structure of the gizmo. Even negative feedback isn't held back and certain complications of operating the toy are shared honestly with the audience.
Towards the culmination, the price, worth and rating are provided along with a recommendation that other children too buy it. 

Remarkable Sketches: Volume 8

How well would we describe the wonderful amusement park we visited last week? Well, whatever our review be, this child’s is certainly a well-thought out one. From all rides, recreations, cuisines and ambience, to location, tickets, amenities and staff traits, the young author covers all the fascinating facets as well as the hard core details about the holiday destination, in one go.

Personal touch is strongly felt. There’s precision and honesty in all the opinions shared. From a brief introduction to a detailed delineation, you see a systematic progress through the course of the write-up.

All in all, the rating is presented wisely, taking into picture all that makes the venue perfect for a getaway.

Remarkable Sketches: Volume 7

A complaint letter to the local council. It’s a detailed explication of the social, health, hygiene related or other hazards that residents of a community are constantly encountering. The writer represents the voice of the citizens. Let’s see how this young child from year 5 has agreeably accomplished all and more of this.

The piece is framed in the proper format befitting a formal letter. It begins with a clear statement of all the hazards being struggled with and goes on with a thorough discussion. To achieve the purpose, the author has utilized a number of tools - compelling vocabulary, effective similes and persuasive rhetorical questions.

Overall, the letter addresses the authorities suitably, gives them sufficient time to administer to the problems and seeks hope in their resolution.

Remarkable Sketches: Volume 6

The below description of a chair in a waiting room stands out for some of its unique qualities. The young 5 year author starts off with the chair’s candid assertions about its appearance, the look and feel of the airport waiting area and its amusing opinions about the different people it has to deal with on a daily basis. The choice of making the chair the first person narrator is commendable.

Outstanding personifications well balance the descriptive vocabulary used throughout the article. Humour is another amazing hallmark of this piece. In the conclusion, the chair-narrator enters a self-reflective mood making engaging observations about its ‘job’ and life as a whole, which sort of ends the write-up perfectly.

Remarkable Sketches: Volume 5

This post talks about this week's chosen student assignment - an arresting persuasive speech. Its merits include: effectual vocabulary, appropriate rhetorical expressions and sufficient supporting statistics.
The child directly exhorts the audience in favour of her argument by hurling multiple rhetorical questions at them. Other relevant data is presented to substantiate her statements, importantly packed in compelling diction.
The long term repercussions of flippancy in youngsters are predicted along with advocating suggestions to counter the same. The overall tone of appeal is strong throughout the piece, keeping the readers glued to the writer's entreaties till the end.

Remarkable Sketches: Volume 4

Presenting the next in our series of brilliant student assignments. This one is an informal letter to a cousin with a project in hand about a child’s life in England.

The narrator/author opens desirably by enquiring about (yes, a whole paragraph dedicated to that!) the wellbeing of his cousin and his family. A tone of perfect cordiality between the kin is set right at the start. However, pleasantly, the excitement of the narrator is sustained throughout the write-up, showcasing him as an involved personality.

The second noticeable aspect is the impressive structure – the neat paragraph division of the letter as one shade about life in England is painted after the other.

The child has also been wise in his selection of unique aspects to discuss about his home city. Almost the entire geography of London is covered with the narrator talking about its north, south, east and west. Recreation, education, culture, lifestyle, politics, weather and more about the city are all touched upon, making the write-up a thoroughly engaging one.