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11+ Creative Writing Crash Course

Especially designed for children who will be taking the 11+ exams in 2020.

This is how this crash course can help and benefit your child:

  • Personalised one-to-one guidance, evaluation, feedback and grading

  • Each assignment developed by 11+ expert English teacher

  • All genres covered

  • 2 assignments per week

  • Writing tasks tailored to various exam boards or region e.g. Sutton, Bromley, CSSE, Kent etc.

  • Students gain confidence to tackle any writing task.

£49.99 p/m,Duration:2 months
( Cancel any time )
  • At learn2write, we are a team of qualified and experienced English Teachers and Professors who understand 11 Plus domain.

  • We provide structured guidance to every student on how to tackle each writing task, under time constraints.

  • We follow that up with personalised evaluation, feedback and grading on each task.

£49.99 p/m,Duration:2 months
( Cancel any time )

Don't leave your child’s Creative Writing and Comprehension to chance.

This could mean a lifetime of missed opportunities of good education.

£49.99 p/m,Duration:2 months
( Cancel any time )

Parent Testimonials:

Excellent improvement in my Child’s writing ability. Even teacher noticed the big improvement in his writing skills.
– Pavitra Rathore

Fantastic improvement in my DS’s 2 writing ability. His teacher even commented at the last parent evening.
– Oluwaseun Ogunleye

The tasks from Learn2Write improved his writing skills dramatically. He now has a passion for writing, something we never thought was achievable.
– Niromi Fernando

This service is not only for children they can help other people as well Very helpful staff if ur stuck in how to write what to write don’t go anywhere just contact learn 2 write team definitely they will help u.they helped me lot nobody else could do it but they did .thank u very much learn2 write team.I appreciate it. Thanx again god bless u all.
– Mandy Gakhal

I must say it's a great platform to introduce creative writing for a reluctant child like mine. The guidelines are fantastic, easy to follow.
– Sharmistha Ganguly

£49.99 p/m,Duration:2 months
( Cancel any time )